Our RAD-140 and MK-677 Value Pack includes one discounted 30ml 15mg/ml bottle of RAD-140 and one discounted 30ml 25mg/ml bottle of MK-677. Data on our Liquid RAD 140 for sale . CAS Number: 1182367-47-0. Formula: C20H16ClN5O2. Molar Mass: 393.83 g/mol. Class: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Half life: 44.7 hours [5]. RAD 140 is a potent compound with pronounced effects on your physique visible after a few days of use. Testolone produces that cut look with a grainy finish on your muscles, enhancing separation and vascularity. However, it’s easy to get carried away with the effects when you’re making such rapid progress to your goals. RAD 140 Before And After – My Results & What You Can Expect From A 12 Week Cycle. Before RAD 140 at about 163 pounds. After a 12 week RAD 140 cycle at 185 pounds (photos below were taken about a week after my cycle ended) Sorry about the shitty photos guys, I don’t take too many photos. I wasn’t even thinking about making a review of my. Buy RAD-140 for the Best Results in Research $ 77.33 Buy Now; GW-501516 SARM Information $ 58.33 Buy Now; LGD-4033 For Sale $ 52.33 Buy Now; MK-677 For Sale $ 77.33.

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